4. Data Accuracy

After organizing your Output, you’ll see that there is an accuracy rating (0-9) attached to each geocoded point. Abby Is Queen was developed using Google Maps API and therefore contains the same rate of error. Below is a quick guide to help you understand the level of accuracy of your data.

0 = Unknown accuracy.
1 = Country level accuracy.
2 = Region (state, province, prefecture, etc.) level accuracy.
3 = Sub-region (county, municipality, etc.) level accuracy.
4 = Town (city, village) level accuracy.
5 = Post code (zip code) level accuracy.
6 = Street level accuracy.
7 = Intersection level accuracy.
8 = Address level accuracy.
9 = Premise (building name, property name, shopping center, etc.) level accuracy.

To find out more about this rating system and the level of your points accuracy, please visit Google’s Geocoding Accuracy resource site.

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