3. Managing Your Output

Success! I’ve geocoded my address data, now what?

Once you have gotten the latitude/longitude points for your addresses, you can use this information to add points to any Mappler or other IM site.

  1. Copy and save them into an excel spreadsheet.
    • In the menu, go to “Data” and click “Text-to-Columns”.
    • Choose “Delimited” and click “Next”.
    • For “Delimiters”, check “Other” and enter double quotes ” in the box. Click “Next”.
    • Click “Finish”.
    • Now you can delete the columns that you don’t need i.e. columns A, C, E, G, and I
      (or columns with “Rowid=”, “address=”, “long=”, “lat=”, “accu=”).
    • Insert a top row to label your columns.
    • You’re done! Now you can save your excel file.

    • Still unsure? Watch this brief tutorial!

  2. Log into the administrative page for your website.

  3. Upload them using the “Upload Points” link on your Database Management page.
    Make sure you use the same format as the sample excel file provided on the page.

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